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May 13, 2023
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Literature  Manson Response

link:**no late work will be accepted given you read ALL GUIDELINES BEFORE COMPLETING HANDSHAKE**Purpose:Mark Manson’s “Smartphones are the New Cigarettes” is the first article you will read that introduces you to an interesting argument about cell phone use. The article will give you an example of an argument that includes a humorous tone that you might consider using in our own argument.Tasks:For this assignment, you will need to upload your response to Manson’s “Smartphones are the New Cigarettes.” Your response can include your reaction to the article. Do you agree with what the author says? Why or why not? Has Manson made any valid points in his article that you find interesting or worth exploring further? These are ideas for you to consider when writing your response, but please do not feel that you are limited to these ideas. The paper must be 1-2 paragraphs.Criteria:Your response paper will be using the following criteria:Length of 1-2 fully developed paragraphsContent reflecting commentary and soundness of argument based on Manson’s points in the articleUse Modern Language Association (MLA) style for proper setup and documentation. (Refer to “How to Type a Header, Heading, and Title in Word” under Unit 1, Lesson 1 to set up your paper in proper MLA style.)Points will be deducted for misuse of grammar.Here is the rubric for this assignment:o Content of Paper-60%o Evidence and Supporting Details-20%o MLA Style-10%o Grammar-10%DUE:09/04/2020 @8:00am ET

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