Literature  Literature review
May 14, 2023
Literature  Review 3
May 14, 2023

Literature  Nature writing

Part 1:Explain what you learned about nature writing from reading the examples I’ve provided. Here are some questions to help you brainstorm (use these questions for all of the texts before you write):What is the writer writing about and why?Why is the subject important to the writer?What does the writer wants us to do or think?What kinds of details and imagery are used in the text?What features of the text (genre) affect the way the text interacts with and represents nature?How personal does the writing feel? How political is the topic?How “wild” is the nature described?How important is the specific place to the subject of the text?How important are issues like race/class/gender/sexuality/etc to the topic?Don’t just write bullet-listed answers to the questions for each text.– write a few paragraphs summarizing what you’ve learned about nature writing by putting these three texts together. In your answer, you should draw connections between the texts, and you should use specific examples from each of the texts to support your conclusions about nature writing/ analysis of these texts. This part of your post should be at least 300 words long.Part 2:Share a link to, or a screenshot of, an example of nature writing that you’ve read before taking this class.  This could be a news article, a poem, a book, an expose–any example of nature writing. It can be something you read in your free time or it could be something that you read for another class. (Here are instructions for embedding a photo if you choose to include a screenshot.)Along with the link to the text or screenshot, write a paragraph explaining what the text is about, why it’s an example of nature writing, and how it is similar to or different from the examples I provided. This part should beat least 100 words.THE LINKS TO THE READINGS:

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