Literature  APP 2
May 18, 2023
Literature  university life
May 18, 2023

Literature  portfolio

The Portfolio is a compilation of the concepts learned in this course.  . The Portfolio must include—but is not limited to—the following components:• A title page with all the relevant information. Do not use clip art or pictures.• An abstract of 1 paragraph describing your overall project. The abstract must be on a separate page.• A formal organizational mission statement with 2–3 specific goals relating to the mission statement and 2–3 objectives relating to each goal.• A 1-page explanation of your overall ministry concept. (Do not write in first person.)• A detailed explanation of the biblical basis for the ministry. This must be more than 1 or 2 verses.• A detailed explanation of all programs and activities based on the anticipated participants.• A schedule of all proposed activities, including the number of staff required at each activity. Depending on the type of activities you are proposing, the schedule may be more clearly presented in a calendar or Excel format. You may attach this as an appendix.• A description of the necessary operational concerns (the required facilities/spaces, physical resources and equipment, human resources, etc.).• The intentional focus of your ministry must be clearly presented, either in a separate section or in conjunction with your other project requirements. You do not need to develop a full ministry curriculum; however, at a minimum, you must discuss the biblical concepts you intend to cover at different points in the ministry as well as the relevant Bible references associated with that topic. This is a critical part of the project; without an intentional ministry focus, you are just designing a recreational activity.• A reference page of all resources must be presented in current APA style on a separate page. Although this project is largely your own creation, the expectation is that you will use other sources as building blocks and as justification for your ideas (other ministries, governing body sources for facility and equipment requirements, personal interviews, etc.). Be sure to document all sources used.Your paper must conform to current APA guidelines, be 5-7 pages, and contain at least 4 scholarly sources.

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