Literature  business government, and society discussions
May 17, 2023
Literature  essay
May 17, 2023

Literature  precis – 3

The task is basically simple I’ve sent the instructions below and the scoring rubric for the task. It should be 1 full page long or 2, Ive sent you the book also , you only have to skim  reading this part: Bakhtin, “Epic and Novel” (skim) . The task will be about on the section you read , Ive attached the file below so everything you will need is attached if there is any questions let me know. Thank you deadline will be feb 27 no later than that. I don’t think there is any confusion just read everything that is in the attachments and you will be fine and don’t forget the table under the strategy that should also go in the paper. If there is any question or confusion let me know

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