Literature  Lit
May 16, 2023
Literature  In the preface to nonfiction (p. 2803 of your text), the editors tell us that creative nonfiction illustrates that “no direct duplication of reality is possible in language, that all writing is affected by the author’s point of view” (Baym et al, 2014, p
May 16, 2023

Literature  Proposal week 9

Your analysis must be in your own words, and not a compilation of quotes from other sources. You should review the readings of this module before you complete this assignment.Then, start your  by identifying your work and providing a brief summary in your own words. If you choses a longer work, you are certainly able to narrow it down by selecting a specific excerpt of the work. For example, reviewing the entire works of Chaucer would not be realistic for this course! This should only be one or two paragraphs.End your introduction by identifying what concepts you will examine in this work.  You should choose just one or two concepts. These concepts can include any of the topics we discussed in the course: Theme, symbolism, literary elements, dialog, social criticism, historical context, etc.Next, you will complete your analysis of the concepts you identified at the end of the introduction. Each concept should be discussed using paragraphs, separating each concept into its own paragraph. This should be in your own words! A good analysis uses specific examples from the text. For example, if you are discussing Shakespeare’s use of metaphor in one of his sonnets, give an example of it. The analysis should be at least 4-5 paragraphs, covering 1-2 pages.End your by discussing what you learned through your analysis.CITE and REFERENCE

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