Literature  Each questions have to have 500 words at least.
May 19, 2023
Literature  Select the best way to clarify or add an example to a sentence.
May 19, 2023

Literature  READING In Folklore

Culture Through Literature: The Story of CinderellaGraphic OrganizerDirections: Complete the graphic organizer using the Disney version of Cinderella, along with two other versions from two different cultures. DO NOT use any of the fractured fairy-tale versions. You can just type your information into the graphic organizer. It may be useful to bullet each of your points of information. Once this graphic organizer is complete, you will synthesize the information into a PowerPoint/Prezi presentation. Both the graphic organizer and PowerPoint will be turned in for grading.Disney VersionVersion 1Version 2Story ElementsComplete Title/AuthorCinderellaBased on the Charles Perrault versionCountry/Origin/YearFranceDisney   movie 1950Main CharactersSequence of EventsResolutionMotif ElementsMagical GuardianMagical AspectsAnimalsHeroine’s WishLost ItemCultural ElementsSetting/Geography/Natural   ResourcesFoodDressLanguageReligion/CelebrationsFamily StructureSocietal Roles (as   determined by gender, age, and class)Societal ValuesSLU Core Value of Respect Connection to Assignment{Narrative}Sources{In MLA format}

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