Literature  In the Scarlet Letter, Many of the people Hester deals with treat her with “quiet malice”, insults and repugnance. Why…
May 13, 2023
Literature  speech
May 13, 2023

Literature  Research Findings

Present your research findings. You must answer, specifically, your research question; you must respond, explicitly, to your research hypothesis (your preliminary assumption about what youthoughtthe research would reveal before you actually conducted your research); and you must, explicitly, compare your primary research Findings against secondary research sources (your literature review). Do your primary research findings agree with and support the secondary research sources on the subject or do your primary research findings disagree with and refute the findings of secondary research sources on the subject?Requirements: Three-five pages (750-1250words) in APA formatWeek 6 Discussion:Post your preliminary discussion of your most significant research Findings. Was there anything of interest, surprising, illuminating, or any revelations of your primary research findings?Requirements: 250 words minimum initial post, 100 words minimum reply

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