Literature  mod3
May 14, 2023
Literature  lit
May 14, 2023

Literature  Research Skills Essay

Need you to follow the this format:TitleAn introduction detailing the specific topic to be addressed (10%)Contextual background (15%)Literature debates and gaps related to specific theoretical framework (20%)Outline of research questions, aims and objective (10%)Potential contribution of the research to literature and management practice (15%)Potential methods and conclusion (10%)Timeline of the research (10%)ReferencesAssignment detail is in the attached document please take a look. you will need to choose which transport, retail or any which is a singapore owned company to talk about, it can be singapore airlines or singapore mrt, or singapore restarant. also for this essay i have upload my lecture slides and would need you to take a look at each topic i uploaded and include at least something from each topic in the essay, for instance which sampling method, the research idea, qualitative or quantitative research and etc…  this is very important.  thank you

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