Literature  Theatre Response
May 12, 2023
Literature  humanities
May 12, 2023

Literature  Response paper

Response Paper #2 Prompt –Part 1: View a feature film made between 1970 – 2000 you have not worked on for this course (nor will see later in this class) by a great director or featuring a great actor or actress.Just as you did in the first paper, comment on the specific film you saw. Pay particular attention to the screenplay, camerawork (cinematography), the editing (montage), and the sound (this can include the music). You may also address special effects. Again, as you did in the first paper, talk about what you like, and what you dislike, about what you saw? Why do you like the things you like, and why do you dislike the things you dislike? Is the film a good film, or is it not?Part 2: Now that you have commented on the specific film you viewed, see if you can draw some general conclusions about the work of the director and one of the main actors or actresses. Be sure to comment on the overall impression you had of the film, including how you see it as an example of the its genre and time period. Remember, this is not a research paper. I am interested in what you have to say, not in what you can learn by reading up on the film or the filmmaker.Part 3: Go back to the “My Criteria for Quality in Film” page. Based on your viewing of this week’s film, add Five new general conclusions. These statements should be numbered (6) through (10). Be sure to also include all of your previous criteria statements (1-5) from Paper #1 on this page. This way you will be continuing to develop your criteria as a whole.NOTE:Criteria Statements (1-5) from Paper #1My Criteria for Quality in Film1. A movie is likely to be good if it keeps me engaged and makes me laugh. The movie served both roles, keeping me anticipating the next move, and occasionally making me laugh.2. A movie is likely to be good if it appears more realistic. Although I recognize that movies are mostly based on scripted stories, I only enjoy, which has been appropriately edited to incorporate proper use of sounds and images, giving it an illusion of a present reality occurrence.3. A movie is likely to be good if it involves the creative use camera to create different effects for engaging and entertaining content and passing information.4. A movie is likely to be good if it has been properly edited to provide smooth transitions between interrelated scenes because doing so helps pass information without any breakdowns.5. A movie is likely to be good if it has a unique storyline based on the utmost creativity, and not based on what other movies have covered.

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