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May 13, 2023
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Prof. Susan Lichtman’s required Speech Critique Essay assignment                                Spring 2021This assignment must be written as an essay (with an Introduction, Body, Conclusion, complete sentences, etc.) and not simply one-line answers to the questions below. ChooseONEof the following online speeches (see links below) and write a critique (an evaluation) on the speech you have selected, touching on all seven areas below, and using the questions below as your guide. All papers must betypedusing an 11- or 12-point font, double-spaced, and with flush-left margins (no justified text) and paragraph breaks. Your essay should run 2-3 pages (that is, two full pages to three full pages long). Be sure to write your name in the top right corner of page 1.You will be submitting this assignment by the due date through our BlackBoard course dropbox.NOTE:You can earn EXTRA CREDIT points by consulting with a writing tutor for this assignment.  Simply make an appointment with a MDC Homestead Writing Tutor so the tutor can review your essay and help you identify grammar, spelling, and/or style mistakes.  Be sure the tutor marks the suggested changes/edits directly to your paper, and signs their name or initial on your paper. Then, take their suggestions and comments and use them to FIX your essay.  It is the student’s responsibility to revise/correct their essay and then submit BOTH the 1st draft (marked and signed by the tutor) and the revised, corrected 2nd draft into our Assignment Dropbox by the due date.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– What happened at New Orleans’ Danziger Bridge (7:19)– Informative speech on acupuncture (7:00)– Pro-Vaccination (8:18)– Alopecia, Causes & Treatments (6:49)– Victoria Woodhull (7:08)– Ergotism and Salem Witch Trials (6:13)– Dr. Who (5:44)– Andy Warhol (6:33)– Birth Order Effect (7:04)– Informative speech on Gaming Addictions (4:44)– The Great Wall of China (4:58)– The Causes of Homelessness (5:25)– Evolution of the Beer Industry (7:28)OR watch one of the following speeches through MINDTAP:Chapter 16: Flag Etiquette by Cindy GardnerChapter 17: Together, We Can Stop Cyber-bullying by Adam1. Subject and PurposeWhat is the general purpose of the speech? Is the purpose of this speech clear? Is the subject worthwhile and/or relevant?Pleaseexplain.2. The Thesis and Key Pointsa. Is the speech’s thesis (that is, the main idea of the speech) clear and limited to one main idea?Whatis the thesis of this speech?b. Are the key points of the speech clearly related to the thesis?Whatare they? (No matter whether the speaker has stated them or not, what do you believe are the key points of this speech?) Are the key points sufficiently narrow?Explain.3. Researcha. Is the speech adequately researched? How do you know?Name some specific references/citations the speaker mentions.b. Has the speaker properly referenced his/her research data in the body of the speech?Explain, and give specific examples.How do you feel when a speaker cites his or her sources?c. Does the speaker have a good understanding of the subject and specific points? How do you know?d. Did the speaker provide enough evidence to back up and support each key point?Explain your point of view.4. Organizationa. How well is the speech organized? Does it have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion? If not, what improvement(s) do you suggest?b. How does the speaker grab the audience’s attention?  What type of attention-getter did the speaker use?  Can you describe the attention-getter? Was it effective?  Why, or why not?Explain. Also, evaluate the speaker’s “Reason to Care;” is the speaker’s reason to care clear?c. How well does the speaker preview the speech for the audience, letting them know what to expect?Explain.d. Does the speaker summarize the thesis and key points of his/her speech in the conclusion?  Is the closing statement effective?Explain.e. Are there adequate transitions, so the audience can follow the presentation more easily?Explain,and provide examples.5. Delivery – Evaluating the speaker’svisualandvocalelements of deliverya. How well does the speaker maintain eye contact with the audience?Explain.b. How is the speaker’s voice volume and rate of speech?  Is the speaker easy to understand? Does the speaker pronounce words carefully?  Does the speaker frequently fill their pauses with “um,” “uh,” “you know,” etc.?  If so, how does this make you feel about the speaker?c. Describe and evaluate the speaker’s overall posture, gestures, movements, and other body actions.Explain.d. Describe and evaluate the speaker’s overall confidence level when delivering the presentation.Explain.e. Does the speaker show enthusiasm (and/or passion) for the selected topic?Explain.6. Presentation AidsWhat presentation aid(s) did the speaker use (if any)?  How effective is the use of this presentation aid(s) in this speech?Explain.7. Suggestions for Improvement-REQUIREDa. What suggestion(s) would improve the content of this speech?  Be specific; include at least ONE suggestion for improving thecontent.b. What suggestion(s) would improve the delivery of this speech?  Be specific; include at least ONE suggestion for improving thedelivery.Please see course schedule for DUE DATE!NOTE:  Students wishing to receive up toTWOEXTRA CREDIT points (that’s up to 2% on top of your final course grade) may write a second critique, following the same guidelines as the first one.  Choose a second speech from the above listing. NOTE: Extra Credit critiques are only accepted thesame due dateas the 1stcritique.

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