Literature  800 words essay
May 15, 2023
Literature  Qualitative checklist
May 15, 2023


I need a outline complete for my speech class for a informative speechat least 6 references  Make sure you fill out everything in outline for me from the attention grabber until the end. plzI have attached a copy of the example please look over.Outline:- Use the outline provided in Canvas (Files > Public Speaking Outline)*Use of another outline or no outline will result in loss of points (up to 20 percent)- You can use APA or MLA style- Must have at least 6 references (Must cite references orally [out loud], within the text and on the works cited page.) *6 references (minimum standard) – Outline must be 2 (full) pages (not including the works cited page)- Make sure to include your name and page numbers*Do not use Wikipedia as a reference Speech

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