May 16, 2023
Literature  Who is the first character to suspect Beloved’s true identity?
May 16, 2023

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5.4.5 Project: You Create the FutureProjectMedia Literacy (S2318458)Points possible: 50Date: ____________In this assignment, you will imagine that 25 years in the future, you are invited to give a presentation about changes in media and technology to high school students. The title of your presentation is “Then and Now,” and in this presentation, you will compare the media and Internet technology available in 25 years (the imagined, future “now”) with the media and technology used today (which in this presentation will be the past, or “then”).Begin by deciding what media and technology you think will be available in 25 years. Then compare those ideas to forms of media and technology that are available now. For your presentation, you will need to prepare a speech and present your ideas using media. You should write three to five paragraphs for your speech and a detailed description of how you will employ media (such as videos, photos, websites, etc.) in your final presentation.In this lesson and throughout the course, you’ve considered new innovations in media and technology — and you’ve had chances to imagine, describe, and blog what you think will happen in media and technology in the future. Now, put that knowledge to use here to make a creative “Then and Now” presentation comparing present-day media and technology with what you imagine will happen in the future.Here are some useful tips to keep in mind:Brainstorm first. Imagine the inventions or innovations you think will most likely happen in the next 25 years. Write a list of different inventions, and describe each invention as much as you can.Compare each invention to technology that exists today. How are the media or technology in the future similar to or different from what exists today? Is it better or worse? Does it improve lives or cause problems?Decide how to present these ideas to high school students in a speech. Include the most interesting examples you came up with and be sure to clearly state your comparisons. What media would best convey each example?Consider the format of your “Then and Now” presentation. You could use many different media to present your ideas and comparisons to the high school students. For example, you could use websites, 3-D images, videos, blogs, and more. Use your imagination for this part, too!Read each question and evaluate your work. If the answer to the question is yes, check the box to the left. If the answer is no, go back and revise your work. Your teacher will use these same guiding questions to score your presentation.Quality of Ideas (35 points)Did I demonstrate an understanding of the assignment by: (20 points)Clearly describing examples of possible media and technology that could occur in the future?Clearly comparing those futuristic examples to media and technology available in the present?Comparing and contrasting the media and technology to share the similarities and differences between the media and technology of today with that of the future?Coming up with a relevant format to present these comparisons?Did I demonstrate an ability to think creatively by: (15 points)Imagining possible examples of media and technology that could be available in 25 years?Expressing my ideas in an interesting way in the form of a speech?Using interesting media choices to present my examples?Form, Presentation, and Style (15 points)Did I follow presentation requirements by:Using text, images, or other media elements?Checking for spelling and grammatical errors in the writing?Organizing media in a neat and thoughtful way?Using an appropriate tone throughout the project?Copyright © 2012 Apex Learning Inc. (See Terms of Use  at

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