Literature  Harlem Renaissance Literature
May 12, 2023
Literature  Rationalization. Consider Frost’s “The Road Not Taken.” A common (mis)interpretation of the poem is that it’s about taking the nontraditional path. However, it seems to be more about a poem about rationalizing one’s actions, as described in the video b
May 12, 2023

Literature  THE BIRTH-MARK

1.Name at least 3 examples of foreshadowing (providing readers with hints to what will happen later). What effect do the use of foreshadowing have on readers?2.How is Aylmer described or characterized? Georgiana?3. What message about science is Hawthorne trying to send?4. How does Hawthorne feel about perfection and trying to obtain it?5. What realizations does Georgiana have about her husband throughout the story?6. What characteristics of Gothic literature do we see in this story? Where do we see them?

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