Literature  2 paragraphs
May 14, 2023
Literature  Theory Application paper
May 14, 2023

Literature  Tourism

Please answer the question and number of every answer. If you have site please refer it.1.Suppose that you are a high school economics teacher. You plan to visit your principal’s office and convince her that tourism should be included as part of one of your courses. What arguments would you use?2.You are the minister of tourism of Jamaica, an island country. Identify the instructions you would issue to your statistics department concerning collecting data on tourist arrivals and expenditures.3.Give some examples of how guides operated in early tourism. Why were they so important? Are their functions the same today? Their ethics? (When discussing, include tour escorts.4.In the twenty-first century, how consequential for the international traveler is an ability to converse in foreign languages?5.Are museums, cathedrals, and art galleries really important to most visitors? Provide some outstanding examples.6.How significant were religious motivations in early travel? Do these still exist? If so, list examples.7.Why has air travel become the primary mode for middle- and long-distance trips?8.Donnell C. is graduating from a four-year travel and tourism curriculum. She has had several job offers. What type of organization would afford her the broadest range of experiences? How important is her beginning salary?9.Jim B. is a successful resort manager. He is visited one day by a very bright high school senior who is most interested in becoming a resort manager. What educational preparation advice might Jim offer?10Take a look at tourism in your local community. How has tourism affected it in the past? How will tourism affect your community in the long run?11.Is tourism considered an export or an import?  I would love to hear your view either way.  Please provide a reference to support your answer.12.I want you to find a formal definition of the word “tourism”.  You could find it in your textbook, in another book, or on the Internet.Post this definition (with citation) and then I want you to define it in your own words.  Finally, I want you to ask this question:-If you eat at a restaurant or stay in a hotel in your town, are you considered a tourist?  Why or why not?  Fully explain your answer.13.All of you may have been noticing that gas prices decreasing lately.  How do you think this will impact tourism?14.Tourism is one of the biggest industries in the world. Conduct some research on the tourism career opportunities in your community. Pick the career opportunity that intrigues you the most, and discuss the roles and responsibilities associated with that role.15.Did you know that Hospitality and Tourism Industry is one of the largest employer in the world?!?  I would like each of you to locate one career in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry that you find exciting and would like to learn more about.  You can use your textbook or the Internet to locate this career.  You may consider finding this career on the following (one of the largest hospitality and tourism career search engines)Explain what the career is (i.e. responsibilities), the pay (if listed…if not, try to locate the pay range at, and why you are find this career exciting/interesting.16.Now that you have identified an exciting hospitality and tourism career position (Second Post), I would like to think about the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities a potential candidate would need for this position.  Do not just copy and paste for the job description.I want you to really research the important action steps a potential candidate would need to take in order to better prepare themselves for this position.  This could include different job experiences they would need, education, training courses, certifications, etc…17.What are two pros and two cons of a hospitality and tourism career position?  You can do this for the position you looked up on the web from previous posts.

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