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May 13, 2023
Literature  critical thinking lib
May 13, 2023

Literature  Two small assignments

Two small assignments1)  1) One Essay with title page and reference pageAPA style in text citationsrequirements are in the attachment utilizing the course text book in the attachments2)  2) Answer 4 questions below in 7-8 pagraphso    When uploading Each assignment on separate attachments pleaseONE English paper please see attachment week one english essayFor the four questions-  THOROUGH and thought-out answers for each question below please use the  chapters that is in the attachment     ( there are 7).. please be thorough USE IN TEXT CIATIONS APA PLEASEplease upload them separately when finish and indicate on the sheet what chapter u are referencing  and then write the paragraphs(s)  for these questionsQuestions:  ( these are separate from the paper ) answered in two paragraphs each please·         please use in text citations and apa style with references for paper and thesequestions·         please use two separate documents one of these paragraphsthe other for the paper

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