Literature  Disscussion and essay
May 16, 2023
Literature  Fiction Anthology Essay
May 16, 2023

Literature  Unit 5 Musical Challenge

Discussion Board: Musical ChallengeTry your own experiment by choosing a challenging online article to read, and listen to 4 different types of music while trying to read and comprehend the article. List the challenging passage in APA format, and answer the following questions for every piece of music:Make a note of the genre of music, (Vivaldi, death metal, jazz, gospel, hip hop, blues, rap, country).Was it easy or difficult to understand the challenging paragraphs?Why do you think it was easier to understand what you were reading while listening to some music and not to others?What impact do you think having certain music in schools or on the job would have on the people in those environments?Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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