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May 12, 2023
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Literature  Week 2 – Business Writing

Please read through the following problem-based scenario about a credit card company manager who receives an application for a credit card from Todd Riley, who is not old enough to apply for a credit card without a cosigner.Then read the possible response to Todd below the scenario.What are your thoughts on the possible response to Todd?  Please critique the response.In critiquing the response, make sure to refer to any particular pages in the textbook that are relevant to your critique.   A critique can laud a writer as well as point out weaknesses in a writer.  So please don’t think that you necessarily have to criticize the possible response to Todd.  In addition, you might feel certain aspects of the response have strong points but that the response could have been stronger in some ways.  In other words, you might both laud it and criticize it.Your critique can be one or two paragraphs long.   This is not a writing assignment. It is a discussion task.ScenarioYou are the credit manager for FlashExpress, a growing credit card company, and your department receives hundreds of applications for credit cards each month.  Frequently, you receive credit card applications from individuals under the legal age who are applying for a credit card. Legal regulations prohibit you from issuing a credit card to underage applicants unless a parent or other guarantor cosigns with them. If the minor does not pay, then the guarantor becomes responsible for the account. In addition to requiring a guarantor, FlashExpress requires underage applicants to fill out an additional supplemental form.In your role as credit manager, write a letter to Todd Riley, a 17-year-old underage applicant, responding to his request for a credit card. Consider your audience, the context, and the purpose of your letter. Your letter should explain that you have enclosed a necessary supplemental form, along with a new credit card application, both of which need to be filled out. The guarantor must sign both forms. To expedite processing, Todd should mention on the top of the application that he has applied for credit previously and should return the application and supplemental form directly to you.Dear Mr. Riley:We are very appreciative of your interest in obtaining a FlashExpress credit card.  Your business is very important to us. Unfortunately, due to existing laws, we cannot issue a credit card to anyone under the age of 18 without an adult cosigning the application. The adult acts as a guarantor who is responsible for your account if for some reason you are unable to make payment. If you would like to be considered for a FlashExpress credit card, you must fill out the enclosed application along with a supplemental form, and you must have your guarantor sign both forms.  Indicate on your application that you have applied previously, and then return everything to us for processing. I am really very sorry for all this extra work and hope you will accept my apologies for this inconvenience. Have a great day.Sincerely,Loren LacklusterCredit Manager____________________________________________________________________Hi Everyone,The following task is designed to help you become familiar with UMUC’s Information and Library Services.  Completing this exercise will help you get started on developing a topic for final research-based report.Please watch the following video tutorial.  The tutorial is designed to demonstrate some searching strategies when finding articles through OneSearch, a research tool that allows you to search on many databases at one time.Video tutorial #1 want to add that the home page for UMUC has changed a bit since the videos were produced.  In addition, the library interface has changed a bit since the videos were produced.  For the current interface, you don’t see an Advanced Search button.  Simply click on the Search button, and you will be taken to the same interface that the video mentions.)After you have watched the tutorials, please complete the following tasks.  Post your responses to this conference thread.Let us assume you work for a company that is hiring more and more employees of the millennial generation.  (If you don’t know what the phrase millennial generation refers to, the video above will define it for you.  Watch the video, and you should have a better understanding of what  millennial generation refers to.)Your supervisor has asked you to conduct research on issues regarding employees from the millennial generation.  For example, she mentions that millennial individuals may have different expectations of the work environment from those of workers from older generations.  In addition, she mentions that millennials have different habits with regard to their use of technology than workers from older generations exhibit.The instructions you have been given by your supervisor are quite broad.  But let us assume that this is the directive you have been given.For this reason, you will conduct a very general search on millennials and their work or technology habits.  You are not quite sure how to focus the topic, but you know that you would like to pursue this general topic and focus it later.1.  Search on some terms and find four articles on this topic.  Your search can be quite broad at this stage.  Try to use some search phrases that require that you use quotation marks, as the video demonstrates.Please write the topic on which you searched and the search terms you used to search on it.2.  In addition, for the four articles you found, please write titles of the four articles and the journals in which they appeared.  You don’t have to cite anything in APA format, or anything of that nature.  Just post the titles and the journal names._____________________________________________________________________Hi Everyone,Please read the following scenario.   Then post a response to the task described below.Green Wave Landscape ManagementYou are the operations manager for Green Wave Landscape Management, a provider of residential and commercial landscape maintenance. You have a substantial number of customers in your metropolitan area. Due to the increase of business in the summer, you must hire additional employees. This year, you hired six new employees.Henry Stewart is your most valued customer because he is a prominent real estate agent and refers many of his clients to your company. He recently had his home’s trees and shrubs sprayed for insects by your company.Yesterday you received the following letter from Mr. Stewart:August 18, 2014Dear Green Wave,I have been a customer of yours for five years and have sent you innumerable customers. And you have the nerve to send over two bozos to spray my yard. Those two idiots have killed over $2,000 in prize fish. Additionally, they were rude. As you may or may not know, I raise expensive koi in my fishpond. Whenever your people spray my shrubs and trees, they have been asked to cover the pond. I assumed people in your profession would know how to do that without being told. Obviously, I was wrong.I am terminating my service with Green Wave, effective today. I demand immediate restitution for my dead fish. If payment is not forthcoming, I will see you in court.Sincerely,Henry StewartIn addition to the letter, you also discover that Mr. Stewart has posted scathing commentary on your blog. He has posted the same complaint and request for remuneration publicly. Now you have a public relations crisis.During your investigation, you discover that Tom Harrelson, field manager in charge of assigning workers to the various job sites, sent two new workers to the Stewart residence. The accident at the Stewart residence probably occurred because these new workers were sent alone. Your company policy is to pair new and experienced employees on work assignments.As the operations manager, you will have to respond to Mr. Stewart.  You will also have to post something to the company website.  You will also have to communicate internally with company employees, such as Tom Harrelson, to determine how the mistake was made.As you analyze audience, how do the different audiences mentioned above affect your tone, your strategy, etc.As you answer this question, consider the Eight Essential Components of Communication that your textbook, Business Communications for Success, describes on pages 12-18.The fourth component listed is Receiver.  Your message to Mr. Stewart involves Mr. Stewart as the receiver.  Your message to Tom Harrelson involves Tom Harrelson as the receiver.  Your post to the company website involves the public as receivers.  How do the different receivers affect your communication approach?Please use another component as well among the eight components listed and analyze how it affects your communication strategies as operations manager in this landscaping scenario.Please write a paragraph or two in response to these questions.In addition, please respond to at least two other students on any items you found intriguing or on any questions you have about their responses.

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