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May 18, 2023
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May 18, 2023

Literature  Writing Assignment 3

Answer questions 1 through 5. about the film, Barefoot Farmer.Link:  Barefoot FarmerWrite at least one concise, well-organized paragraph to answer each question.  Some questions may require more than one paragraph.Word Count:  600-700 wordsUse specific details from the film and/or your real-life observations to answer the questions.  Avoid generalized statements.Proofread carefully.Answer honestlyBe sure to write the number of the question that you answer.Questions1.      What main ideas and/or themes do you think the director of the film is trying to communicate to the audience?  Give evidence to support your claims.2.     Do the music and photographic shots help the audience understand and/or appreciate the ideas and emotions in the film?  Give evidence from the film to support your answer.3.  Evaluate the structure of the film and the techniques the director uses to express/explain the themes in the film.  For example, one technique the director uses is personal interviews.  Are the structure and/or techniques effective in explaining these themes?  Is there anything you could suggest that the director do differently?3.      Much of the film consists of interviews with the farmer, Paul Tomazin.   How would you describe his character and values based on what he says and what you learn about him in the film? Provide evidence to support your answers.4.  What information from this film is new or surprising to you, if any?

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