Literature  theatre
May 19, 2023
Literature  Social Realism
May 19, 2023

Literature  written presentation

This is awrittenpresentation.Read both of the articles included in this link, taking note of the authors’ arguments and value assumptions: up the following based on the two articles in that link:An overview of each viewIdentify each author’s conclusionsList reasons offered for each position in both articleAn explanation of the value assumptions that are at play in the views.Answer and explain the following:How would a libertarian view the issue?  A utilitarian? An egalitarian?  Provide a justification for your characterizations of each viewpoint.Formulate your position on the issue:  How would you define the issue? What is the conclusion you would make? What reasons do you have to support your perspective?  Put your position in the form of an enthymeme and be sure to identify your enthymeme’s unstated assumption.Highlight and put in bold your enthymeme so it is easily viewable.

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