lying 1

Compare and contrast informatics and clinical informatics.
January 12, 2021
Virtually all research questions can benefit from the use of an existing theory or model.
January 12, 2021

lying 1

Lying is a technique of persuasion. Sometimes it’s justified (e.g., wartime propaganda), sometimes it’s not.


Think of a time when somebody lied to you in your workplace. (Don’t think about the lies of family members, friends, celebrities or politicians.) Describe the lie, what it was intended to accomplish, what it actually accomplished, and its other consequences. Be sure to mention, discuss, and prioritize all the factors involved;  for example, the liar(s) may have had several goals, and there may have been several consequences. Offer a complete, concise, logical discussion, using standard English.  


I just need a simple paragraph, i have never been in a situation like this and i dont know what to write.

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Thank you.

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