Managing Unexpected Unwelcome change Management homework help

January 12, 2021

Managing Unexpected Unwelcome change Management homework help

Case Study: Managing Unexpected/Unwelcome Change

Kotter states that a successful change process must operate within the framework of his entire eight stages, and he cautions that skipping a step would be harmful to the entire process. In contrast, the authors of “Cracking the Code of Change” in this week’s resources propose a more integrated, flexible approach to the change process. In this week’s Assignment, you will conduct a thorough reflection about change as you compare various change processes. To do so, first read the Harvard Business Review case study “Big Shoes to Fill” and focus on the advice submitted by the four experts presented at the end of the article.

In a 1-page paper (in addition to the required table), respond to the following:

  • Which of the expert opinions would be the most effective choice for the new CEO? Defend your choice.
  • Compare Kotter’s eight-stage process with the change process described in the article “Cracking the Code of Change” (located in Day 5 of this week). Create a table outlining the major components of each, including similarities and key differences.
  • Consider your own approach to managing change. Which of the two models most appeals to you? Why?

All Work should be completed in APA format with proper citing.


Beer, M., Eckert, R. A., Dichter, S. F., Canavan, P. J., & Sulkowicz, K. (2006). Big shoes to fill. Harvard Business Review, 84(5), 43–47.
This case study centers around a new CEO who must attempt to replace a very popular individual. It deals with the dilemmas she faces as she attempts to work through this change.

Kotter, J. P., & Cohen, D. S. (2002). The heart of change. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press.

Beer, M., & Nohria, N. (2000). Cracking the code of change. Harvard Business Review, 78(3), 133–141.
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