marketing mix analysis at GNC writing homework help

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March 11, 2023
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March 11, 2023

marketing mix analysis at GNC writing homework help

I need just 4 pages about marketing mix analysis at GNC

please follow the information and answer all the questions bellow and write the references at the end :

Marketing Mix Analysis:

a. Product strategy:

  • describe its product life cycle and which stage your product is in.
  • specify possible product modification, market modification or repositioning, if any.
  • Analyze its brand equity, if any. Or think of ways to develop/strengthen its brand.

b. Pricing strategy:

  • What pricing approach will be used: demand-oriented, cost-oriented, or competition-based oriented , or combination of several?
  • What pricing strategy will better fit your business: EDLP or Hi-Lo?
  • What is your desired price point, based on above discussion?

c. Distribution strategy (Place):

  • What is your business’ role in the channel of distribution? If you are a retailer, how would you get your merchandise? If you are a manufacturer, how would distribute your products?
  • Which method do you use for market coverage: intensive distribution (like soft drinks sold in convenience store), selective distribution (like appliances sold in discount stores or specialty stores), or exclusive distribution (like Tiffany’s)?
  • If you are a retailer with stores, what kind of retail location fits the best: CBD vs. shopping malls vs. freestanding site?

d. Promotion strategy:

  • What are included as your promotional mix: advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing, and PR?
  • What factors have you taken into consideration when you identify your promotional mix?
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