week 15 nursing theory
January 25, 2023
NR Informatics
January 25, 2023


A group of French students plan to visit the United States for two weeks. They are trying to pack appropriate clothing, but are not familiar with Fahrenheit. One student remembers this formula_F=95C+32where F is the temperature in Fahrenheit and C is the temperature in Celsius. Solve the equation for C.Use exact numbers, do not round.Enclose numerators and denominators in parentheses. For example, (a−b)/(1+n).C=Recall using the simple interest formula, A=P+Prt, from OCE 3.4. In the formula_A=  the full amount paid for the loan P=  the principle or the amount borrowedr=  the interest rate as a decimalt=  time in yearsA car dealership wants to use the formula to find the rate needed for certain values of the other variables. Solve the formula for r.Enclose numerators and denominators in parentheses. For example, (a−b)/(1+n).r=

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