microeconomic policy assessments economics homework help

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March 10, 2023
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March 10, 2023

microeconomic policy assessments economics homework help

Refer to the following articles: 

How I Became a Keynesian, New Republic

How Did Economists Get it So Wrong?, The New York Times Magazine

How to Pull the Economy Out of Its Rut, Bloomberg Businessweek

Where Does the Buck Stop?, The Economist

After reading each of the articles and the text, pretend that you were asked to explain the basics of the diversity of macroeconomic policy assessments and proposals to a person with no background in economics whatsoever.  In the first paragraph of your response, draft this explanation.  Feel free to integrate any sources you believe to be helpful, but be sure to properly document your sources.  

Following the first paragraph, craft an argument explaining (to this same person) your opinion of the general argument that the US should, at present, spend hundreds of billions (or more) on infrastructure.  Be sure to properly document this part of the response as well.  

*Each student should write two essay, they should not be seamer.

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