military members have to answer before their medical appointments writing homework help

January 12, 2021

military members have to answer before their medical appointments writing homework help

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My proposed solution was to implement into existing questionnaires that military members have to answer before their medical appointments, questions that open up conversations with their provider to assess for further evaluation of PTSD symptoms. My oringinal focu was on the military member itself but as I go further with my research and start talking with providers in the clinic, PTSD clinics and resources, VA clinics, I am finding that the best way to prevent or help PTSD symptoms is with the spouses. Most of the resources are saying the spouses are the ones who can help the military members more but no one talks to them. I have interviewed several military members who are currently undergoing treatment that state their spouses are very important to treatment and the spouses did not know what the symptoms were. Spouses are pivotal in helping military members with PTSD syndrome. I am also finding little research in secondary PTSD symptoms with spouses of military members who have PTSD. The spouses are the care takers and they also suffer when their spouses suffer. Military members do not seek medical care unless it is under threat of loss of limbs or life for fear of ending their military career or they are not able to fly if they are pilots etc. in the military. My husband is not even able to fly when he has a cold so he only goes to the doctor for his annual checkup and even then, he is quiet about any health issues. I am the one who is aware that something is off, or he is depressed etc. So, the more awareness and information given to the spouses so that they know where to go for help is going to help with reducing suicides and mental illness amount military members.

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