Genomics and diseases
March 24, 2022
Health Policy
March 24, 2022

Module 4 Case-

Required Reading-LINKS ARE WITHIN THE REQUIRED READINGCenter for Disease Control and Prevention. (n.d.). Sustainability planning guide. Retrieved from Read pages 31–53.Georgia Health Policy Center. (2011). Bringing the future into focus: A step-by-step sustainability planning workbook. Retrieved from Program Sustainability Assessment Tool. (2018). Understand sustainability. Retrieved from University. (2012). Program sustainability assessment tool. Accessed from ResourcesPurdue Online Writing Lab. (2018). General format. Retrieved from Online Writing Lab. (2018). In-text citations: The basics. Retrieved from Online Writing Lab. (2018). Reference list: Basic rules. Retrieved from ASSIGNMENTMAINTAINING PROGRAM MOMENTUMCase AssignmentYou identified one health program that is being offered by an organization in your community in the Module 2 Case Assignment. Use the same health program to:Use one of the sustainability assessment tool from the required reading to assess the health program sustainability you identified Module 2 Case. Summarize the results of your assessment.Identify which domains need improvement and describe ways to address those gaps.Describe the benefits to assessing a sustainability plan.Length: 2–3 pages double-spaced, excluding the cover page and the reference list.PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT FROM MODULE 2 CASE AS A REFERENCE

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