Module 6 Discussion Slow Speed Wifi writing homework help

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March 10, 2023
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Module 6 Discussion Slow Speed Wifi writing homework help

You’re working for a startup company as the lead IT technician. The company is doing well and growing. Due to their growth, they have recently acquired a new office building. While others are working on setting up the workstations and furniture, your main responsibility is to make sure the network is up and running. You install three new 802.11n APs. Most of the workstations are connected to the network via wireless due to restrictions imposed by your company’s contract with the property owner.

The employees move in and get to work. At first, the new location’s network seems to be working fine. However, it’s not long before the network slows to a snail’s pace and you’re getting complaints about emails being delayed, files not being accessible, and print jobs to the network printers getting lost.

You investigate the situation and find that all of the hosts on the local network are accessible, although you find it odd that even though your ping tests are usually successful, sometimes they aren’t. You know the APs are all new devices, and you double-check their configurations to try to determine a common source for all the problems you’ve noted. Here’s a summary of the results you’ve gathered:

  • All three APs are active and communicating successfully with your laptop.
  • All three APs are configured with identical SSIDs and other settings.
  • For good measure, you walk around the office space with your wireless analyzer to confirm that there are no significant dead zones or interference.

Why are wireless transmissions being lost in transit? Below are several possible resolutions.

  • One of the APs is faulty and not processing transmissions. It should be removed and replaced.
  • The NICs in the employees’ workstations were damaged during the move. Probably several just need to be reseated while some might need to be replaced.
  • The APs should not have the same SSID. Rename each AP so their SSIDs don’t match.
  • Three APs are insufficient for the wireless load. More APs should be added.
  • The APs are all part of the same LAN and should be separated into separate LANs.
  • The workstation computers are programmed to search for and connect with the wrong SSID, or the network keys are entered wrong. Every workstation’s wireless interface settings should be checked.
  • The APs are all programmed to use the same channel. They should be programmed for different channels.

Select the best one and explain your reasoning.

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