Moving your employees Discussions and Replies help

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March 8, 2023
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March 8, 2023

Moving your employees Discussions and Replies help

(For discussion One)

Please read BEFORE

Unfortunately, a lot of people miss the first sentence of this forum. You do NOT have a lot of resources. The idea of giving nice salaries, special perks, health insurances, etc. is really not on the table (start up companies rarely have the funds to do this early on). So – what the forum question is really asking is what other NON-Monetary incentives can you come up with to get (and keep) your employees motivated? Please use your text, other readings or outside sources to develop your list (and please provide citations).

For your reply posts, see if you can find someone who came up with different ideas than you did – perhaps between the two of you a comprehensive list can be developed.

Discussion One: (original post)

Moving your employees

Assume that you are about to start your own business and are short on resources. You want to build a company with happy and motivated employees. What areas can you focus on from the very beginning to ensure that your employees will be satisfied and motivated? Consider the incentives that motivate you as an employee (both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators).

Discussion One Reply: (reply to this)

Starting a business with limited resources can be difficult. So as a manager I would need to come up with creative ideas to keep my employees involved and motivated. I believe that a person who feels appreciated will be more willing to work harder and more likely to keep a positive attitude.

A simple thank you and telling the employee they are doing a great job will go a long way. Some other incentives could include developing an employee of the month program. Each employee of the month would receive something as simple as movie tickets, a special parking spot, and their picture on the wall (Kruse, 2013).

Other incentives could be a company lunch or pizza or I could bring in donuts. There also could be a casual dress day, flexible hours, and schedules for the employees. Even just giving the employee or employees a simple thank card would go a long way I believe.

Being able to give monetary incentives are wonderful but just a little acknowledgement can go a long way.

Krause, Kevin. (March 1, 2013). 25 Low Cost Ways to Reward Employees



Discussion Two: (original post) *NEEDS to be in Minnesota*

At one time or another, you dreamed about opening your own business. For this week’s discussion board, describe the business of your dreams (what type of business is it, where would it be located, how many employees, etc.). As you plan for your dream business, how would you structure it (LLC, LLP, S-Corp, etc.) and why would this structure be best for your business?

Discussion Two Reply:

‘(I will have to post this later today)

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