Multiculturalism in the Workplace writing homework help

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Multiculturalism in the Workplace writing homework help

Chapter 3

NB: you have to rephrase the question when answering it and support from outside sources. APA.

doesnt have to be long explanations. two paragraphs will do for each

But…It’s Our Company Culture! You are the HR manager for a fifty-person firm that specializes in the development and marketing of plastics technologies. When you were hired, you felt the company had little idea what you should be paid and just made up a number, which you were able to negotiate to a slightly higher salary. While you have been on the job for three months, you have noticed a few concerning things in the area of multiculturalism, besides the way your salary was offered. The following are some of those items:

You know that some of the sales team, including the sales manager, get together once a month to have drinks at a strip club.

A Hispanic worker left the organization, and in his exit interview, he complained of not seeing a path toward promotion.

The only room available for breast-feeding mothers is the women’s restroom.

The organization has a policy of offering $200 to any employee who refers a friend, as long as the friend is hired and stays at least six months.

The manufacturing floor has an English-only policy.

You have heard managers refer to those wearing turbans in a derogatory way.

1.What do you think needs to be done to create a more inclusive environment, without losing the culture of the company?

2. What suggestions would you make to those involved in each of the situations?

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