My Father s House writing homework help

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March 14, 2023
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My Father s House writing homework help

1. My Father’s House

The main point of the essay, from the writer’s recollection, about what had transpired at his father’s house, seven years ago, was a very difficult situation, which carried long lasting memories. A model family’s lives got disrupted by one man’s selfish desire and decision-making. I strongly believed that the subject matter of the essay, strictly elaborates on a bitter divorce, which brought pain and suffering to a now distraught family.

The events that lead to the ending of the family’s destruction, was the unspoken hurt their mother experienced from their dad, until the divorce matter was brought to light. Recall the time when the daughter asked her mother about going outside to play, and the display of hurt that she saw in her mother’s face, caused her to become worried. Her mother did not want to say no to her, but at the time her soul was in turmoil from pain and stress that she was enduring at the time. The question most people would ask, would be – was the husband involved in an extra-marital affair with the wife that he later married?

I found this essay to be rather disturbing and I was very saddened by the breaking up of a once close-knitted family. Marriage is very meaningful to me, and I detest divorce to the tenth power, mainly because of all the ramification and changes that it creates. The hurt experienced by each family member, would change each person’s outlook on their way of life, thinking, future relationships and trust. The wife and children would have had a much faster recovery time, if they had seek counseling, soon after the fact.

The abstract concept, I believe, was the fact that he was given the role to become the man of the house by his dad, at such a tender age, would cause him to become more worried. He would not know what to do because his dad was the likely party to be the man of the house, which was an easy task for him, as an adult. Was their dad hurt any at all by his selfish decision that he had made? It would be quite possible that he did, mainly because he did not like the breaking up of the family, but his interest lies elsewhere. This kind of situation would weigh on the husband’s mind for a long time, even after he had gotten married to his new wife. Situation such as this, would help to make people stronger and more conscious, due to a presentation of an unforeseen situation that caused devastation.

The moral of the story would be, that people who are married with children, should think about the pain they would cause their children, before they think about a divorce. Being married to my wife is a very heart-warming feeling because we wake up and see each other each day. My daughter will grow up, knowing that her parents were happily married. This kind of relationship breathes life in a marriage and make it healthy and strong. People must cease to become selfish and should strive to have good communication skills between both parties. If it was a situation that requires a counselor’s intervention, then they should both seek help and discuss the matter. Communication, honesty and trust are paramount in the growth of a well-structured relationship.

2.This was a very touching short story. It only took me reading the first paragraph before I was completely drawn into the story and had to know what happened next. I guess in part by me wondering how my children felt when their mother and I divorced and if they feel the same way, but then the second paragraph really punched me in the gut. The thought of a child feeling like they need to knock on either of their parents doors in my culture, divorced or not, is not common and it makes me feel sad for the person the author is writing about. This man has a lot of resentment towards his father and the story really portrays that without specifically making mention of it. I got the feeling the father was having an affair and maybe now this new woman living in the house was the person he had the affair with. It also says a lot in my opinion when the author wrote about an 11 year old child feeling like he could not break eye contact with the father after being told about the parent’s decision to divorce because he didn’t want to look weak. For me, right then this child started a whole new concept of who he was as a person then, what type of person his father was and the person he knew he did and did not want to be. Even though the divorce was the worst thing in his life to happen at that time the story tells me that despite such a traumatic event it also ended up being the best thing that could happen to him to know what type of husband and father he would be himself and that is the abstract part of this story.

This two article is reaction to an article, just write your own thought when you read this two article and give me one paragraph for each article.

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