nikecom twitter auto add cart captcha bypass bot

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January 16, 2021
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January 16, 2021

nikecom twitter auto add cart captcha bypass bot



If you are unaware, releases sneakers in limited quantities on their website almost every weekend. These shoes are released on their site at 8 am EST via an exclusive link sent out by nikestore’s twitter which take you to the exact URL where you can purchase the shoes. There are current bot programs that grab the link using twitters API at almost the exact second the link has been sent out and directs you to the site, then Automatically attemps adds your pre specified shoe size to cart, here’s the tricky part.


before you specific shoe size can be added to the cart, you must complete a Capcha verification to determine you are a human. This process can slow down the entire process which is key when trying to purchase shoes through their website. 




1. An automatic bot program or extention to be used with google chrome, that will allow me to turn on and turn off at any time.


2. Must be able to specify what men’s shoe size I would like prior to runnjng the program or extention bot.


3. Must run smoothly and be as fast as possible


4. Must be able to enter specified keywords to search a specified twitter account, for a certain keyword and once it finds it, must then automatically connect to the associated URL link.



5. Once that is completed it must be able to automatically add the pre specified men’s shoe size to the cart.



6. After adding specified shoe size to cart, you will be directEd to complete a CAPTCHA that includes 4 or 6 pictures that you must complete before the process is completed. This program or google chrome extention bot must complete the CAPTCHA or bypass the CAPTCHA automatically and as quickly as possible. This is the most important step.

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