Community Nursing Discussion minimum 250 words for discussion part 1, minimum 150 words for discussion part 2. Need complete by 14 hours
January 24, 2023
Clinical Prevention and Biostatistics
January 24, 2023

NR228 Nutrition

Week7 DiscussionEbook attached below: Nutritional Foundations and Clinical Applications: A Nursing Approach 7th EditionTake a look at the presentation and answer those two questions:What food items within the current daycare menus for each school was culturally significant to your various cultural group presented?What are some of the differences between the two daycare centers you chose to analyze?APA format (6th ed.) and is free of errorsGrammar and mechanics are free of errors free of PlagiarismReferences: Use your book, the outside source must be within the last 5 yrs, Scholarly Article or Nurse journals within the last 5 yrsType out the questions and respond to the question in APA format with citation and very detailed responses

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