April 25, 2022
Watch the video to address the following. Be sure to provide specific examples for each practice of exemplary leadership.
April 25, 2022


In this assignment,   let’s say You had to make an investment of the $25,000 donation to a racial discrimination organization. you may create a PowerPoint, that is about 6-7 slides  

• _You will present your ideas in paragraph form: One thesis/topic sentence + evidence (from sources) to support your thesis + one strong concluding sentence. 

• _Your thesis should answer this question: How can we most effectively engage in the social action of donating funds to eliminate racial injustice in the Twin Cities? 

• _You should use your research skills to find evidence (from 2-3 scholarly sources) that supports your decision. You should mention the name of your sources in your presentation—not the full cite—just the name. 

• _Your concluding statement should be a robust and persuasive statement indicating why you believe your option to be the strongest option among the choices. 

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