Nursing (Due 24 Hours)
May 4, 2022
Nursing Leadership DB#8 (Chapter 10)
May 4, 2022


In this assignment, you will complete a critique, analysis, or evaluation of a performance or work of art. To do this, you will watch online video or view a work of art (painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, weaving) virtually at an art museum or gallery website, or in-person in a public art space

Please note the emphasis on actual viewing of performance or art. There are numerous online options for viewing performances for free or exploring works of art virtually.


1. The paper should include a thesis statement in the first paragraph and follow the five-paragraph essay format – about two pages double spaced.

2. You must specifically address the role of art within our society and within us as individuals, and our interactions with art (see Brian Fogarty in “Art Matters” and other related writings, pp. 453 – 468 of the Catherine Core Reader). When you refer to the readings, please cite them according to APA 7th.

3. Be sure to identify the performance or work of art by title, performer, gallery, or museum location, and the date you viewed a performance or the work of art.

For you to consider when viewing and writing:

What formal qualities made up the performance? Composition, rhythm, sequences, lighting, sound, etc.

What formal qualities did you observe in the piece of art? Color, composition, texture, form, etc.

Was the performance or work of art a success? How did you judges is?

How did the work make you feel? What emotions were involved?

What concluding thoughts did you have? Did these remain with you after the performance or change upon further reflection?

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