About PowerPoint attached Students should summarize their findings in a 2 page, single-spaced memo. APA format and to include reference page.Attac
March 16, 2022
Please follow the instructions below ,at least 250 words please
March 16, 2022

nursing care plan

Formulate a nursing care plan for a patient with Cushing’s Disease.Format:Assessment, Nursing Diagnosis, Planning, Implimentation, Rational, Evaluation.1.NCP must be presented in Columns format: Not essays format.2. No sentences: only bullet points/phrases.3. Only one Nursing Diagnosis (ND).4. Maximum of 2 pages: No more.5. Only one submission chance; no resubmissions.Note:Please follow instructions very strictly. This is absolutely necessary since as a nurse you MUST ALWAYS FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS STRICTLY EG. MEDICATION DOSAGES.Please read Cushing’s Disease. Read.

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