January 22, 2023
NSG 100
January 22, 2023

Nursing Research

Part 4. Implications to Nursing Practice & Implication to Patient OutcomesProvide a paragraph summary addressing the topics implications to nursing practice and patient outcomes. This section is NOT another review of the literature or introduction of new topics related to the PICOT question.You may find if helpful to begin each topic with -Nurses need to know …Important patient outcomes include …Example – please note this is an older previous students work and so some references are older than 5 years.Be sure to provide the PICOT question to begin this post.PICOT Question_P=Patient PopulationI=InterventionC=ComparisonO=OutcomeT=Time (duration):In patients in the hospital, (P)how does frequently provided patient hand washing (I)compared with patient initiated hand washing (C)affect hospital acquired infection (O)within the hospital stay (T)Implications to Nursing Practice & Patient OutcomesNurses need to know that they play a significant role in the reduction of hospital acquired infection by ensuring by health care workers and patients wash hands since nurses have the most interactions with patients. Implementing hand hygiene protocol with patients can enhance awareness and decrease healthcare associated infection (HAI). Both nurses and patients need to know that HAI is associated with increased morbidity and mortality as well cost of treatment and length of hospital stay. Nurses and patients also need to know that most HAI is preventable. Gujral (2015) notes that proper hand hygiene is the single most important, simplest, and least expensive means of reducing prevalence of HAI and the spread of antimicrobial resistance. Nurse and patient hand washing plays a vital role in decreasing healthcare costs and infections in all settings.ReferencesGujral, H. (2015.) Survey shows importance of hand washing for infection prevention. American Nurse Today, 10 (10), 20. Retrieved from hEp://

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