Healthcare Budget Request – Budget Development
January 25, 2023
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January 25, 2023


Select one of the theories you have reviewed in Lesson 2 that you used or plan to use in your practice. Why do you use this theory?Be sure to relate its use to a specific culture or cultures.The title of your post should include the name of the theory.MATERIAL TO USE:The Modeling and Role-Modeling Theory:In order to provide holistic care to patients, nurses need to develop individualized plans of care based on knowledge, skills, and an understanding of the patients’ worldview.The theory of Modeling and Role-Modeling reinforces the need for nurses to promote patients’ well-being by having a better understanding of the patients’ culture, environment, and worldview. The theory also postulates that patients must have a sense of control over their lives in order to achieve physical and/or emotional health; therefore, it is important for nurses to understand that the way they practice may positively or negatively influence their patients’ health and wellness.In role-modeling, the nurse seeks to facilitate the health and wellness of the patients by empowering them to take control over their own health. In order to begin the healing process, nurses need to teach patients:to have some sense of control,demonstrate an understanding of their disease/illness, andknow what will make them well again.Through the use of the nursing process, nurses need to properly assess patients’ strengths and support systems to identify factors that will influence patients’ coping mechanism, and they need to establish a trusting relationship that enables them to work with their patients to develop a plan of care that will improve their patients’ health.

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