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January 25, 2023
January 25, 2023

nursing theory week12

Part OneThe theory of nursing as caring is based on the basic assumption that all human beings are caring. Caring for a convict can often be difficult for the nurses because it may be hard for them to enter the patient’s world and view them as caring people. Therefore, a nurse can care for the patient without judging them and maintain a professional conversation without indulging in their personal lives and controlling their personal views (Holopainen,2019). By avoiding non-judgmental opinions on the person, the nurse can effectively provide care for the criminal without bias. The nurse can focus on improving the criminal’s health and not focus on the crime they have committed and know that criminals are also human beings who have a right to be given the best healthcare.Part TwoNursing mainly involves helping people to change from one state to another, whether physically or developing changes. Transition theory is therefore used widely in nursing practice because the nurses are the caregivers who help the patients and their families when they are going through transitions and help them deal with the changes. Nurses can apply the transition theory when an adolescent girl has given birth and is undergoing a mother’s transition (Morey,2020). This time is usually hard for the teenage mother because it’s something new to them, and they have to adapt. During this time, the nurse can engage the new mother in early intervention and promote the growth, development, and health of the baby and help the mother develop parenting skills and adjust to the transition of being a mother.

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