nyanya only here my discusssion questions i need 300wds each question thanks 4744770 2

Leadership homenwork
January 13, 2021
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January 13, 2021

nyanya only here my discusssion questions i need 300wds each question thanks 4744770 2

Week 2 – Discussion 1

Strategy in Action

Consider the Greener Venue video entitled The assist.

Using the Green-to-Gold Plays discussed in this week’s reading assignment, identify one “downside” (chapter 4) that is being managed and one “upside” (chapter 5) that is being built by the businesses portrayed in this video. (See helpful summary chart on page 104). Explain why you believe that this video is successful or not successful in addressing the “downside” and the “upside” that you have identified.

Considering the Green to Gold plays, which strategic task (pp. 103-104) do you believe this video addresses or attempts to address?

If this video were made widely available to the public and to other businesses, do you think that it would affect consumer expectations and behavior related to entertainment and sports venues? Do you think it would affect the behavior of other sports venues and businesses that were not part of this video’s production? How might consumer expectations and behavior impact the competitive advantage of the sports venues and businesses that developed this video?


Week 2 – Discussion 2

Managing the Downside and Building the Upside Imagine a company that wishes to immediately move towards securing an eco-advantage in the marketplace. Is building the upside more important or less important than managing the downside in the short-term? What about in the long-term? Why? Provide one example of a company that is not discussed in this week’s reading that seems to have adopted your position on this matter. Explain.

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