oedipus the king writing assignment English homework help

January 12, 2021

oedipus the king writing assignment English homework help

The Greeks believed strongly in the concept of fate, and that the gods who ordered the universe were in control of each human’s destiny. But by the time of Sophocles, many were questioning the ancient wisdom. Sophocles seems to be arguing in this play that even though we were fated to our destiny before we were born, we achieve that destiny as the result of our own actions. He uses Oedipus as an example of how our own personalities lead us to the destiny decreed for us by the gods. Pride (hubris), anger, and “blindness” (an unwillingness or inability to face the truth) are three of the character traits that bring about Oedipus’s tragic destiny. Write a one- to two-page paper (250 words minimum) identifying moments in the play where he says or does things that reveal each one of these three aspects of his personality. Explain how his own actions bring about his downfall and make the prophecies come true. Use examples from the text to back up your points, but keep these brief and concentrate on the explanations. To quote the text, just place the line number(s) in parentheses at the end of your quotation. Example: “Your quotation here” (771-2).

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