Operational Tactics and Strategic Goals management homework help

January 12, 2021

Operational Tactics and Strategic Goals management homework help

I appreciate any help for a professional powerpoint presentation that has to include a 700-word document summary for the following:

The purpose of this assignment is to give learners an opportunity to apply lessons learned about operational tactics and strategic goals planning. Please refer to the resources below to assist with the assignment.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Ch. 5, 6, and 7 of Management: A Practical Introduction; SWOT analysis for the organization used in Week 3; company strategic plan; video creator such as Kizoa Movie Maker. (direct web link for this here: https://www.kizoa.com/Movie-Maker)

Scenario: You have been promoted to senior level manager of a company with low employee morale and decreased productivity. You have been tasked with developing a strategic plan for the workforce to present to the CEO and other members of the leadership team.

Choose your organization or one you know well to use for this assignment. You may use the same organization you used in previous weeks.(My chosen organization SWOT summary and other assignments based on it is attached below for OhioHealth Patient Meal Room-Service Program ). My organization’s web link: https://www.ohiohealth.com/

Develop a 1-year strategic plan of action for your organization using lessons learned and your learning team activity during Week 3 (Week 3 PowerPoint team presentation on my organization is attached below).

Include plans for any additional staffing and the proposed budget for your plan. Modify your SWOT analysis, if necessary, for your presentation.

Create a 10- to 12-slide PowerPoint® presentation, including speaker notes to include the following:

  • Introduction
  • Explain rationale for plan
  • Discuss SWOT of organization (Up to 4 slides)
  • Summarize one year plan of action
  • Flowchart of one year plan
  • Give an overview of Budget for plan
  • Evaluate the potential benefit of the plan
  • Write conclusion
  • References-APA format standard

Develop a 700-word summary for the Executive team. Append your budget and SWOT analysis to the plan.

Create a 2- to 3-minute motivational video for the workforce highlighting your leadership style as an asset to the organization and the workforce and your assigned task. (This is based on the kizoa movie maker, slideshow creator web link posted above that we have to input into the slide presentation, to be honest I have never done this before and would appreciate any information on how you used custmized templates of photos, GIF’s or animated text that was used and how you formatted them onto PowerPoint. I’ll be honest, I don’t feel comfortable using or creating any photos of myself or video-making, but more of creating pictures or movie templates based on my organization that is used for “OhioHealth” web link https://www.ohiohealth.com/)

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines, include citations used within speaker notes as well.

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