organization project

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January 14, 2021
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January 14, 2021

organization project

The company to research is Nucor. Select from the reading 8-10 key concepts, which will also support the thesis. In a four to five page paper, address the questions below. APA format. In this assighnment, you will apply fucntions of PLanning, Organizing, and Controlling. You will be requires to use concepts and analyze the current management situations at the organization you have chosen. Your paper must include research and should include a clear introduction with a thesis statement and a conclusion. Your research paper should address the following:

1.Describe how the organization was manages in the past. Compare the difference between management approaches in the past to those the organization currently uses. Ensure you identify relevent management theory both for past practices and current approaches.

2.Describe how the organization is structed. Include a copy of the organization chart. Describe how managers perform the organization function of management based on the structure of the organiztion. ensure one of the five types ofd structures as describes in the textbook is identified and analyzed.(functiona, divisional, matrix, team based, and virtual network)

3.Identify a key manager in the organization and describe his/her primary functions and respomsibilities. Evaluate jow effective this manager is in fulfilling these responsibilities making clear recommendations for improvement. Ensure you refer to the fuinctions of management as described in your textbook.

4.Describe how decisions are made in this organization. Using materials from the textbook or other relevent sources on decision making ecaluate the effectiveness of the decision making process and make clear recommensations for improvement.

5.Describe the sytem of controls the organizations uses. Include in this description how controls is used to ensure the organization meets its goals and objectives as well as how the organization uses a quality control process to ensure products asnd/or services are delivered as promised. Evaluate the role of managers in these processes. Make clear recommendations for improvement. Ensure your refer to your textbook or other relevant sources in your evaluation.

6.Summarize the key recommendations you have made identifying each with the relevent function of management.

Textbook: Daft, R. L. (2014). Management (11th ed.). Mason, Oh: South Western Cengage Learning

use 8-10 key concepts:total quality management, organization development, organiational control, chain of command, innovation, authority, responsibility, accountability, delegation, centralization project manager,

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