organizational structure theories management homework help

how has e business evolved business and finance homework help
March 8, 2023
see below for instructions
March 8, 2023

organizational structure theories management homework help

LP4.1 Assignment: Controlling Presentation

you will research organizational/structure theories and create a 9 minute presentation on your chosen topic. You will create your presentation in Powerpoint, record narration ( OBVIOUSLY I WILL RECORD IT!) and upload it to YouTube.

Research and describe how the scholarly literature describes the purpose/function of controlling in organizations

Describe a contemporary control tool/systems (such as Balanced Scorecard, Open Book Management, Total Quality Management, etc.). Show how it works

Describe how financial and budgetary controls are used in the tool described above

This assignment can seem vague, so if you feel that directing your presentation at a particular audience (CEO of a particular company, for example) would be helpful, then feel free to do so.

Use and cite at least four (4) scholarly or professional sources to support your position in addition to the sources provided in this learning plan . DOI references preferred..

Create a reference page of your sources in APA format (Word file).

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