Othello writing assignment English homework help

January 12, 2021

Othello writing assignment English homework help

For this assignment, please discuss two things: 1) What motivates Iago to bring Othello down? and 2) Why does Othello fall prey to him? As to Iago’s motives (#1), many times when he gives a soliloquy, he tells us directly. You might look to these and paraphrase significant passages (for instance he reveals much about himself at the end of Act 1). “Paraphrase” means not only that you “translate” a revealing part of this soliloquy into your own words, but that you also explain to your reader the context and implications of what he has to say. Explain what we learn from this speech about Iago’s character, what is motivating him to do what he does, what he hopes to achieve, and how it all plays out. When giving the reasons Othello is brought down (#2), you may also have to do a bit of psychoanalysis. Why does he stop trusting the one person he should (Desdemona), and put complete trust in the one person he shouldn’t (Iago)? Is there misogyny involved? Has anyone else close to him or her seemingly turned on him? Has Iago managed to deceive other characters beside Othello? Quote the play (briefly) to back up any clues you use to explain how it all comes about. To cite the text, place Act, Scene, and Line numbers in parentheses at the end of your quotation. Example: “Your quotation here” (1.3.5).


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