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January 23, 2023
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January 23, 2023


ASSIGNMENT – A Day in the Life: Careers in the GeosciencesPaleontologists (study fossils and historical geology)DIRECTIONS:Please select a single field of study that catches your interest (see above; paleontologists) and dive deeper to become acquainted with a typical job description. In other words, investigate what these people do, where they do it, and appreciate as many details as possible. Find examples of what these jobs are all about and where one might be working if engaged in this type of work.Now comes the fun part. I want you to imagine that you are that geoscientist and write about an experience you had doing your job. This should be in your own words, so do not copy and paste a job description from somewhere else. Please have fun with this, and use your imagination.There is really no wrong answer, as this is a “day in the life” project. Focus on what these scientists might do, see, and, think. For example, you could write about a volcanologist setting up equipment near a volcano to try and predict when it will erupt. Other examples would be watching an active eruption, sampling lava, etc. Research a few fields of study or jobs to get a good feel for the job, and then imagine YOU are on the job. Write about your experience on the job.GRADING (guidelines to earn maximum points)Length and Detail: Observe a 300-word minimum (in total) with adequate length and detail for each response.Originality: Use your own words. Broward College uses Turnitin services to detect plagiarism.Formatting: Format your assignment so it is well organized for the reader.References: Include credits (links) to the resources you used for information and any images you used for this assignment.

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