Performance Improvement Assmt (Part 2)

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May 5, 2022
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May 5, 2022

Performance Improvement Assmt (Part 2)

Assignment Instructions

The Case of the Belated Lab Tests

Performance Improvement Opportunity – Part 2

CAHIIM Competency Assessed:

Subdomain III.H. Information Integrity and Data Quality

  1. Apply quality management tools

Subdomain VI.C. Work Design and Process Improvement

  1. Analyze workflow processes and responsibilities to meet organizational needs (Blooms 4)
  2. Construct performance management measures (Blooms 6)
  3. Demonstrate workflow concepts (Blooms 3)

Part 1: Create a flowchart (See Lesson) of the process that was discussed in the first meeting (see packet 1) to illustrate the workflow that is currently being used. This will help the team decide where there may be problems in the current workflow.

Part 2:

The following information was extracted from the floor secretary logs from the past week.

· A total of 3622 tests were done and 589 were over the standards for turnaround time

· The breakdown by urgency is as follows:

· Of 459 STATs, 77 were over standard

· Of 1042 Urgents, 334 were over standard

· Of 2121 Routines, 178 were over standard

You want to bring a graph of this data for the next team meeting.

NOTE: Your Excel table might look something like this in order to make a graph that will be valuable.





Number > Standard





% of Total > Standard





Cumulative % of Total





  1. Create a graph, using Excel, depicting the data above. Analyze this data once your graph is made. What conclusions can be drawn? Write a short summary of what the graph is telling you.

Decide! Does the team have enough data? Brainstorm a list of the data you would like to have. Where would you get that data? Submit a short list of your brainstorm ideas and explain what you would discuss with the team regarding gathering more

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