Performance Management accounting homework help

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March 12, 2023
OD Consultant Paper management homework help
March 12, 2023

Performance Management accounting homework help

Summarize the discussion/question.Recommend suggestions on how performance management could be improved, or set support if it doesn’t need improvement, in each organization.

1.What attributes do you think makes a good manager? Great communication, organization, goal setting, and acknowledgments and achievements of employees(rewarding).

2. How do you like to receive feedback on your work as a manager? either through verbal or through written feedback. It can also be through performance reviews or surveys.

3. What do you like most about working for this company? The structure of the organization, the care and concern from the owner, and the fairness amongst everyone.

4. What are your biggest obstacles to getting your work done? negative employees, poor work ethics, and uncompromising employees

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