health care reform
January 26, 2023
explore holistic nursing practice (HNP) and a specific nursing caring theory in this case (Theory of Human Caring by Jean Watson)
January 26, 2023


1. What is selective toxicity?2.  How does antibiotic use promote resistant organisms? What are ways that nurses can help to reduce the spread of resistant organisms in hospitals?3.  What is broad spectrum vs. narrow spectrum antibiotics? Name an example of each.4.  How is clostridium difficile treated initially? How about for a severe infection?5.  What medication can cause “red mans syndrome?” How is this treated?6.  What organs can be affected by aminoglycosides?7.  What are some nursing teaching points for the patient being prescribed Tetracycline?8.  Who is at the highest risk for tuberculosis (name some populations of people).

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