phenomenological research psychology homework help

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March 10, 2023
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March 10, 2023

phenomenological research psychology homework help

Please answer all questions ASAP and explain why you have chosen a particular answer. Thanks!


  1. If you were adopting a qualitative frame of enquiry you would
    a. use an inductive approach that would view social reality as an external, objective reality
    b. emphasize quantification in the collection and analysis of data
    c. use a deductive approach that would view social reality as a constantly shifting subjective creation
    d. investigate experiences of people, their underlying reasons, opinions and motivations

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  1. Which data collection method is often used in phenomenological research?
    a. measurements
    b. interviews
    c. experiments
    d. questionnaires

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  1. Research methods provide:
    a. methodology for conducting research
    b. research question and aims
    c. operational steps for collecting data
    d. all of the above

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  1. The reason for undertaking Health Research is to :
    a. improve the situation of human beings
    b. explore relationships and patterns using reason
    c. address the issues and problems of the human condition
    d. all of the above

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  1. Research methodology describes:
    a. an enquiry question
    b. a research approach
    c. methods for data collection and analysis
    d. a theoretical framework

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  1. Deductive reasoning involves:
    a “bottom up” approach that involves starting from a particular view and generalising from this to other circumstances
    a pragmatic approach that removes the bias from research methods
    a “top down” approach that involves starting from particular views or principles
    a combination of “top down” and “bottom up” approaches to generate knowledge

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  1. Research does not happen by chance. The approach taken to plan, resource, and implement an investigation will be dependent on:
    what has gone before, what has still to be done, and what is convenient
    the context, the focus of the enquiry, gaps in current knowledge, and the questions asked.
    a lack of confidence in current knowledge, current research, and current practice
    gaps in theory knowledge, gaps in practice knowledge, and what the researcher has an interest in

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  1. Which of the following illustrates the use of the inductive method?
    a. Theory, observation, generalisation
    b. Hypothesis, observation, generalisation
    c. Observation, pattern finding, generalisation
    d. Theory, hypothesis, observation

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  1. Engaging in research often means challenging how things have always been done. A classical example of this was provided by Ignaz Semmelweiss in 1780. His research changed practice in what way?
    Prophylactic antibiotics for women in labour would prevent the transmission of syphilis to a fetus.
    Spreading tea leaves on the floor of tuberculosis wards and having these swept and replaced daily prevented the spread of tuberculosis.
    Opening windows in hospital wards at night would dispel the miasma (evil smelling air) that caused ill-health.
    Handwashing by hospital staff could dramatically increase survival rates of patients.

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  1. Research methodology provides the research:
    a. methods
    b. question(s)
    c. framework
    d. aims

    QUESTION 5.2

    1. In an ethical research project involving people, there must be:

      QUESTION 7.2

      1. Which of the following is a form of harm that might be experienced by research participants?
        Physical injury.
        Stress and anxiety.
        Financial costs.
        All of the above.

        QUESTION 10.2

        1. Ethical protocols aim to:
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