Piaget s Developmental theory psychology homework help

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March 11, 2023
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March 11, 2023

Piaget s Developmental theory psychology homework help

i want to do my presentation about (( Piaget’s Developmental theory )) you have to fallowing this instruction ”

1- introduction Piaget’s developmental theory

2- Description of the theory :

a- who was jean Piaget

b- why did he develop the Developmental theory

3- how does Piaget describe intelligence ?

a- what are the stages ? (( stages order))

b- why is the theory of developmental important in learning ?

4- identify cognitive test that are based on the development theory .

5- do you agree or disagree with the theory ? why ?

6- write the reference ?

when you finish the presentation i want 2 page a brief professional handout important point from the presentation . the handout will serve as a written summery .

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